Past Quotes

 "My enemies, clothed as wolves and sheep, help expand my horizon and enrich my life." [2013]

"The success of a Company is not measured by profits, but by the strong passion and identification of its staff with the Company." [2010]

"Work should not just be rewarding but also fun and fulfilling. Work should not be work, but a challenge, a fun game, to make things better, to help others, to enjoy." [2010]

"Most people are too afraid to change, to do more, to make decisions and harness their potential and capabilities.  By doing the bare minimum, they escape failure, even as they remain mediocre." [2008]

"To be successful, one has to fail sometimes. It is the ability, the willingness and the bravery to confront the possibility of failure that defines greatness." [2003]
"Time is our greatest enemy. A minute past is a minute gone forever. I believe each one must act, cope with the consequences and look forward to a better tomorrow. If you look for the sun, you'll find it." [2003]

"Your innovativeness is limited by the extent of your imagination." [2003]