Monday 7 July 2014

A note to readers

Thank you for your comments, feedback and interest on this blog. You would have noticed that the blog is less active lately.

We have been working on a new project, incorporating news, big data technologies, and anticipatory analytics to enrich your knowledge of the capital markets.  This is consistent with the vision of The Edge - Enriching Lives!

We expect to showcase this by August this year. By then, this blog will cease and I will continue to write in the new platform.

From now, other than the short synopsis of certain articles from The Edge, this blog will focus on the stock market, in particular my sharing with you on my trading portfolio.

I must emphasize that it is by no means a recommendation or a solicitation or expression of views to influence you to buy or sell any stocks. I am just sharing openly on what I am doing with my stock portfolio.

Those who have followed this blog will know that we are cautious on the stock markets given the relatively high valuations driven by excess global liquidity.  It gets increasingly difficult to invest long term.  My shift in emphasis is to explore potential shorter term opportunities, reflecting my personal opinion.  I will also try to find relatively better-valued investments.

Further, I like to remind all investors that investing is not just about the profits or returns. You will inevitably suffer stock losses too. You need to understand your own investment objective, risk appetite and the amount of loss you can afford to bear.  So, while many investors talk only about absolute returns, I will also share the computed risk-weighted returns of my portfolio.

Enjoy and share with me your thoughts and ideas too.

Tong Kooi Ong