Thursday 5 December 2013

Community Dialogue on Mont'Kiara Traffic Congestion

To those of you who reside in Mont'Kiara or frequent this vicinity, you would most likely have experienced the bumper to bumper crawl when entering or exiting Jalan Kiara especially during peak hours.

There is an urgent need to resolve the traffic condition in Mont'Kiara especially in anticipation of more future completed properties in this area such as Arcoris.

There are a few reasons for the congestion and there are practical ways to resolve it, as advised by a traffic consultant I have commissioned.

As a concerned resident and owner of Mont'Kiara properties, I am initiating a community dialogue on this matter and I invite all residents and members of the community who are concerned about the Mont'Kiara traffic condition to join us and share their views.

There will also be a presentation by the traffic consultant on the traffic issues and proposed solutions.

Formal invitations have also been extended to the local council; DBKL, nearby building owners and property developers.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What time?

Mont'Kiara Meridin Retail Promenade (location map attached)

A copy of the final adopted traffic proposal will be uploaded after the dialogue session. Readers who wish to support the proposal may then retrieve the form from this blog.


  1. It's inevitable that there will be congestion as developer seized the remaining plots of land from Jln kiara to segambut area for development . In absence of workable public transport , the place will gets more crowded and jam.

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