Friday 13 December 2013

Updates on Mont'Kiara Traffic Congestion

The following was the conclusion of the Community Dialogue on Mont’Kiara traffic congestion which was held on Tue, 10 December 2013 at Mont’Kiara Meridin.  Some of them were agreed with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and/or Ireka, the developer of 1 Mont’Kiara mall.

Immediate :
  1. Traffic light at Jalan Kiara in front of 1 Mont’Kiara to be switched off and instead be manned. (Ireka agreed)
  2. DBKL will strengthen enforcement of illegal car parking all along Jalan Kiara (DBKL agreed)
Near Term :
  1. Create a left turn into 1 Mont’Kiara just before the police station (DBKL agreed)
  2. Introduce a left turn into Plaza Mont’Kiara by creating a third lane from traffic light junction. (subject to further study)
  3. Look into solutions on the traffic congestion at Mont'Kiara International School (MKIS) as huge volume of cars dropping-off / picking up children to / from the school
Mid Term :
  1. Complete Jalan Kiara 4 as a 2-lane road by working with landowners (DBKL agreed) 
  2. Look into a solution at the intersection of Jalan Kiara and Jalan Duta Kiara, in front of Mont’Kiara Meridin, in anticipation of Jalan Segambut Dalam connection to Jalan Duta Kiara (subject to further study)  
  3. Create another direct access into 1 Mont’Kiara via Sprint Highway.  Create a direct exit from 1 Mont’Kiara into Sprint Highway, with the removal of traffic light in front of 1 Mont’Kiara, ie no right turn when exiting 1 Mont’Kiara into Jalan Kiara.  (subject to further study)  
  4. No exit from Sprint Highway into Hartamas roundabout. Exit at the Bukit Kiara/Science centre roundabout instead. (subject to further study)

Longer term :
  1. UEMSunrise to connect its existing shuttle service in Mont’Kiara to the MRT station at Phileo Damansara. (subject to UEMSunrise’s agreement)  
  2. Connect Jalan Kiara and Jalan Kiara 4 through the connecting roads at Arcoris and next to Mont’Kiara International School (MKIS). (subject to further study) 
  3. Complete upgrading of Jalan Kiara 4 into 6-lane arterial road (subject to the developments on the adjacent lands)
A committee is proposed to follow up on the progress and implementation of the above proposals.  The committee members are :-
  1. Tong Kooi Ong of 11 Mont'Kiara
  2. Mr. Lum Weng Loy of The Residence
  3. Dato' Maznah of The Residence
  4. Mr Ong Chou Wen of Mont'Kiara Bayu
  5. Mr David Lee of 10 Mont'Kiara
We are open to more members.  The roles of the committee are :-
- Work with professional traffic consultants
- Facilitate the execution of the proposed solutions
- Raise funding to conduct traffic studies etc
- Solicit ideas/comments from residents and communicate with residents


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  4. In my opinion, the immediate action should be blocking the cars from 1 Mont Kiara and Mont Kiara turning right into Plaza Mont Kiara after the traffic light at 1 Mont Kiara.

    Many drivers use Plaza Mont Kiara as the short cut to go to Segambut or Kiaramas or Garden International School. These cars queue up and result a single lane available for other road users to exit to Sprint Highway.

    Frequently, these cars also jam the traffic from Sprint Highway turning into Mont Kiara because the irresponsible drivers would stop at yellow boxes waiting for the cars in front of them to slowly go pass the slope at Plaza Mont Kiara. The private road is higher level compared to Jalan Kiara.

    Alternatively, build a road blocker which can close the access during peak hours and open for off peak. Let Ireka manages this blocker.

    Many road users turn into Plaza Mont Kiara for a short cut to their destination and making themselves convenient. But, this is at the expenses of other road users including those at Sprint Highway.