Thursday 21 August 2014

Tong Kooi Ong's Portfolio

After outperforming strongly in the last few days, my portfolio fell yesterday as smaller cap stocks succumbed to a broad market sell-off in the afternoon session.
The total portfolio value declined 3% yesterday to RM105,607, although the FBM KLCI rose 0.4%, helped by support in selected large cap stocks.
Total returns declined from 8.9% to 5.6%. 
My portfolio started on 8 July 2014 with a capital of RM100,000. Since then, it has outperformed the FBM KLCI by 4.9%, and has registered an annualised return of 46.5%.
Total profits currently stand at RM5,607, of which RM2,020 have been realised , RM4,860 are unrealised and RM1,273 are commission costs incurred to date. 
The portfolio’s biggest loser yesterday was Marco Holdings, which ended 10.6% lower at 21 sen.  I have part trimmed some shares yesterday at 21.5 sen, with a realised 13.2% gain.
The other major losers were Pan Malaysian Corp (down 7.3%) and A-Rank (down 5%). The main gainers yesterday were Takaso (+1.4%) and Fiamma (+1.3%). 
Yesterday, I bought the following shares:
1) CCK Consolidated: 6,000 shares at RM1.05
And I sold the following shares:
1) Marco : 20,000 shares at 21.5 sen
2)  Alcom: 3,000 shares at RM1.09 sen


  1. look like the commission suck up a lot of your profit...

  2. Not bad for a 44 days of 5% return. It is still early to annualised it, wait till min 6-9 months.

  3. It looks like your biggest winner play a important role of your return, what if a heavy sell down-let say limit down of KSL, I don't have any ideas of all the companies here. What is your next move?

  4. The stock portfolio in the edge personal magazine has total return of 500%+ in 12 years. But it was started at CI index of around 800 pts and mostly are blue chips. What is your opinion in this portfolio?

  5. Just browse through the balance sheet of few stock in this portfolio. Below are some same pattern.
    1) around 20% float, mostly held by major shareholder.
    2) high short term loan and inventory. P/BV will less attractive after less inventory.

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  7. Most of the stock price are reaching top end 52 week. What is your exit strategy? Or just purely trading play? Don't know how to sell if not column?