Friday 1 November 2013

Making US$1billion, the quick and easy way

The Edge team this week put together the most comprehensive story to-date of Asiasons, Blumont and Lion Gold.  What happened, why and some probable rationale for the spectacular rise and collapse of the stock prices of these three Singapore-listed companies with major Malaysian personalities as directors and shareholders.

The stock prices rose even as the values of their investments were falling.  Further intrigued by a series of stock placements and short-selling of shares.

Then there is Black Elk, a highly problematic oil and gas company operating in the Gulf of Mexico and its owner, Platinum, a US hedge fund.  What have they got to do with the three companies above?


  1. Great article.

    Question remains:

    Was the meteoric rise in the share price due to market manipulation or improper disclosure?

    Who/Where was the source of the share borrowed? - the article suggest the majority shareholder, but seems to be an interesting move if it is.

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  3. The article on these three companies in this week's Edge is a must read.

    Investigative reporting of the highest quality.

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    1. I mean u can't blame the crook fisherman 100%..

    2. Sorry, some grammar mistakes, try my best correct it..:)
      The fishermen have to put the bait and attract small fishes coming, once the net is full, over. U can't blame the fishermen 100%, if the naive small fishes are not drive by greed, they won't approach n go in the net. Another reason, a lot of money need to be channelled legally via stock market, just like casino. Both doesn't attract my attention at all even it sound extremely attractive, if u don't understand the business and the management team well, stay away from anything sound too good to be true

    3. Surprising those Malaysians named will never learn n proud of what they are doing...Maybe they want their name like George Soros who broke the bank of England. However, I respect GS, at least he is a trader who understand economic and psychology of the market, not like these bunch of cowboys...