Thursday 11 September 2014

Tong Kooi Ong's Portfolio

My portfolio lost traction as the broader market declined.

The portfolio value decreased by 1.15% to RM107,807.89 while the FBM KLCI decreased by  0.17%.

Total returns for the portfolio went down from 9.1 to 7.8%.

The portfolio started on 8 July 2014 with a capital of RM100,000. Since then, it has outperformed the FBM KLCI by 9.0%, and has registered an annualised return of 43.8%.

Total profits currently stand at RM 7,807.89.

The portfolio’s major gainers for yesterday were Careplus(+5.1%) and Hwang(+5.1%).The stocks that lost ground were AWC (-4.1%) and Efficient (-3.0%).

The following share was bought yesterday, following the pick up in trading momentum:

Dutaland: 6,500 shares at RM0.62 per share. The company is involved mainly in oil palm plantations, property development and property investments.

YTL Esolutions: 5,700 shares at RM0.95 per share. The company is the holder of a 2.3GHz WiMax spectrum in Malaysia which is owned through Y-Max Networks Sdn Bhd. The company has strong margins at 40% in the latest quarter, and is in a net cash position.

Camres: 11,000 shares at RM0.35 per share. The company is involved in manufacturing sale and distribution of aluminium and stainless steel kitchen ware sinks and melamine table ware. It has a price to book of 0.6 times with a price to earnings multiple of 18.

Heveaboard: 2,500 shares at RM1.95 per share. The company manufactures trades and distributes a wide range of particleboard and particleboard-based products as well as downstream particleboard based Ready-to-Assemble furniture manufacturing. Heveaboard’s net margins appear to be increasing in the latest quarter at 7.6%. It is trading at a price to book of 0.7 and PE of 6 times.

The following shares were sold yesterday:

Zecon: 5,200 units at RM1.05 per share.
Fiamma-2,000 units at RM2.11 per share.
Ablegroup-29,000 units at RM0.185 per share. 

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