Tuesday 1 October 2013

DAP, still far from being a multi-racial party.

In the Central Executive Committee (CEC) election just concluded, Zairil Khir Johari was the sole Malay elected into the 20-member CEC. This is rather disappointing for a party that professes to be multi-racial and promotes the Bangsa Malaysia slogan.

In defense, I am sure the argument is that the party promotes meritocracy and the election was an exercise of democracy. It says a lot of the 2,000 plus delegates and the general membership of the party.

Surely, as a national party of significance, Malaysians should expect the DAP to begin making real change to be inclusive, especially when it comes to race. And the party is the first to know that while the virtues of democracy is ideal, in practice it tends to favor incumbencies, and is not always able to level the playing field.

One positive outcome, however, is that the highest number of votes at the election did not go to a person with a “Lim” surname.


  1. DAP has certainly attracted and convinced alot of patriotic and highly skilled malaysians into their fold. I take heart that these lot especially alot of new CEC members are fighting for what your typical middleclass malaysian wants irregardless of race which is - corruption free, competitiveness as a nation and most importantly, a place we are all proud to call home!

  2. Honestly, I feel that we cannot blame the DAP. It is not the party at fault but the Malays themselves who refuse to join the DAP. Many Malays would rather opt for PKR instead. Look at PKR, and for that matter, Gerakan. How multi-racial are they?

  3. My enemies, clothed as wolves and sheep, help expand my horizon and enrich my life.....emmmmmmm......well forgive your whatever enemy & make friends with all people like Warren Buffet, :)

  4. DAP.....indeed the only party I respect in Malaysia. (I am not DAP MEMBER, but long ago my name was registred in MCA list, what the f... Anyway, I respect LKS as a Jack in the boxes n his truly One Malaysia concept. However many our good Malays brothers when choose to enter a political party, they choose PKR OR PAS, As STATED, polarization is good if we really mean to clean this country. FYI, I stay at PAS area n find out they do an excellent jobs. I visit KB n love to chat to our Muslims friends there.